Create Your Own Reality With A Paintbrush – Art Tips and Techniques For Goal Setting

Get rid of what you do not want and focus on what you do want.

Imagine if you could erase all the negative stuff with one swipe. Well you can.

What if you do not like something? Scrub it out.

Not what you want? Redesign it.

Affirmations work.

For sure! They are very powerful but I am not one to wait around while my subconscious sifts through the anti-goal stuff and I am sure am you will agree that sometimes you need more. Some physical action that feels like you are stirring the pot, rattling the cage and getting immediate action and releasing the frustration that builds whilst you learn the ropes.

We all know from self help books and The Secret that we need to focus on what we want.
Never focus on what we do not want. Ever! I always thought that was true until I realized that you do need to focus on what you do not want briefly, in order to totally ditch the old Dinosaur thinking. How else will you break the stranglehold that stops you from succeeding?

What can you do when it all turns pear shaped, when you could spit tacks, when it does not all flow in miraculous harmony like it is supposed to. Where is your love, peace and harmony then ?

Sages have said that the pen is mightier than the sword but it could be said that the paintbrush is mightier than both as it can be an amazing tool to create exactly the life you want.

What do you do when you make a mistake when writing?

You cross it out.

What happens when you louse up on your computer?

You delete it and start again.

Well, surprise people. There is no difference.

What follows is my own creative and active, personally tested and still going through fun trials, very simple method to redesign your thinking while having fun and being creative at the same time. Who knows what masterpiece you may turn out in the process for your new creative life.

The Process

Prepare yourself for change. If you like theater by all means don a tall purple hat and cape and prance about on the lawn at midnight but you may find yourself making an unscheduled appearance on You Tube.

Write down or draw a visual representation of what you do not like about your life or what you no longer want to have in it. Here you have to make some choices and prioritize if have quite a few blocks.

Pick the tool of your choice (rank the tools according to how you the size of your problem or block is)
If you feel it’s a small block use pencil and draw smaller, for a larger block use crayon or pastel and just cross out, scrub or scribble over the block or use heavy paint if you feel the urge.

This is where it gets interesting.

You may even find that you are starting to go into full throttle with your scrubbing out.

Notice how you are feeling. Still feeling annoyed?

Pick up a paintbrush and heavy paint and literally paint the problem out of existence.

I had one session painting out a particular problem where I almost broke the felt tip pen.

You have all heard of the term whitewash?

Buy yourself a tub of white paint and whitewash over your word, block or problem.

Now you have a perfectly blank slate that you can design to your own specifications.

A custom designed life?

A possibility?

Definitely! No problem.

The Universe and your subconscious love symbolic gestures and this is a powerful symbolic way to reach them. Allow yourself to enjoy the fun side, enter into the spirit of it and you will find new and creative ways to express your own creativity and design your own unique lifestyle.

As mystics say, now is the first day of the rest of your life – metaphorically, you are starting completely afresh. Pick up your tools of choice and fill in your dreams and desires. Have fun doing this, embellish your words with color, paint in what you want, leave out what you do not want and introduce affirmations to help you on your way and become a magnet for all that you desire.

Some sample affirmations are:

I always have enough money for what I want to do

Everything unfolds at the right time and place for me

I am radiantly healthy

My inner vision is clear and focused

I am a creative person

Journal entries and cuttings will reinforce your new thinking. Save clippings and visual representations of your dream life and place them where you can continually see them to help you to be in the moment and feel that you already have what you wish and act as if you have already achieved it.

Highlight your ambitions in paint, surround your dreams with luscious color and create the life you desire and never give up as long as you can hold a paintbrush and let paint help you to move towards what you really want.

I wish you fun in your journeying.

Success, peace and action.

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